The bicycle

We don’t ride the bicycle quite often, because we ride the scooter more frequently.

And we don’t really need a very strong lock for our bicycle, as you see the bike not even locked, the cable lock is hanging on the handlebar lol


The temple

It’s not everyone has religion in Taiwan. But most of our temple are for Buddhism or Taoism.


Chinese New Year

The most important day in a year.

For Chinese New Year, it’s a family time, it has 5 days, and mostly we are just eating. 


The rules

Things forbidden in the park. 


The sun

We Asian doesn’t like the sun very much.


General life

Nothing specific, it’s just a picture that I like.


The park

Yep, it’s just a park.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the culture for people wearing bikini in the park for taking sunbath in Taiwan.


Grocery shop

You can find most of the things you need in this type of the shop. I wouldn’t say it’s the best quality, but very convenient for general life.


Sweet potato truck

We eat lots sweet potato in Taiwan.

You can choose the size of the sweet potato from the truck, it’s kinda a healthy food option.


Fruit truck

You can see that everywhere in Taiwan, but most of the people would go to fruits shop or traditional market.


Blood donation

I passed by the blood donation station yesterday.

The volunteer said to me “Hey, you look have lots of blood, would you like to donate it?”

Lol, yep, my weird Taiwanese people.